You don’t want the easiest ways to increase your rankings are well if you look at a site called Mashable Volkov they rank for almost everything on Google.

They don’t have as much authority as TechCrunch calm because TechCrunch has so many more backlinks but what I can tell you is Mashable does a much better job of internal linking and that’s why they rank so high.

Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to teach you how to increase your rankings through internal linking if you look at Neil Patel comm you’ll notice that

I rank really high for terms like online marketing I’m on page 1 you’re probably wondering how did I do this it wasn’t through building links through external site in which other web sites are linking to me it was mainly through internal links every time I write a blog post about online marketing I made sure that I link to my main guide that discusses what online marketing is the next thing you want to do is link within your sidebar.

If you look at any blog post page on Neil Patel comm and you scroll you’ll notice in the sidebar I link to all my guides one of them is on online marketing as you can see that link is visible and it’s pretty much on every single page of neopor TOCOM by passing a lot of internal links up page it’s telling Google that.

Hey I Neil Patel value that page and feels important and for that reason Google’s like okay because you’re putting so much emphasis on this page we should rank it higher than your other pages now the key with doing this is you can’t have this link hidden so some people like putting it in tabs or shoving it really in small text or font size or making it invisible you don’t want to do any of that stuff that doesn’t work well that worked in the early 2000s that stuff now can hurt you and get you penalized you want to make sure the link is visible and it’s on every major page of your site.

So I got to do is follow two steps one link within your content and when you’re doing this don’t always use the exact keyword make it flow naturalle just don’t use the keyword you want to rank for but putting too much anchor text in there the anchor text being the keyword you want to rank for sometimes you’ll notice that your rankings will actually drop so by making it more natural Google will notice that and your rankings will rise faster the second thing is make sure you’re linking to your most important pages within your sidebar of every page that’s it follow those two steps and you will rake higher through internal linking

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