The neil patel facebook fanpage has over 900 thousand fans that’s a lot of fans and you know what I wish I never had 900 thousand fans.

Hey everyone i’m neil patel and today i’m going to explain why you should never buy facebook then as you probably can guess from this video i bought most my facebook fans not in a shady way but more so I advertise on Facebook can you guess how much I spent I spent roughly four hundred thousand dollars to accumulate all those fans sure not all of that money was directly on fanpage advertising to get more fans some of it was for boosting my posts but between those two things I accumulated a lot of those fans.

Now what ended up happening was and you can look at my analytics when I first started buying these fans I was getting well over a hundred thousand visitors a month from Facebook now my facebook traffic has dropped well below fifty thousand and it’s continually dropping why because Facebook keeps tightening up their algorithm and it’s not just for me it’s for pretty much anyone with a fan page and they’re making it harder and harder to grow your fan page and they’re making it harder and harder to get traffic from it what does this make companies do it makes companies advertise more on Facebook but don’t do what I did.

I’m not saying Facebook advertising is that I also spend on still a lot of money on Facebook ads because it converts and it makes me direct money but I don’t spend any more money buying stands to my fan page because I used to have this concept and it worked really well in the past in which if you buy fans to your fan page then you can keep going back to them and get more traffic to your site but as Facebook makes our algorithm harder and harder in which they don’t want all of your content to be seen by your fans.

You have no choice but to continue spend money to quote-unquote boost your posts well boosting your post is if you go to your fan page you’ll notice that there’s a little boost icon that booth icon means that you can spend money and pay Facebook to ensure that everyone who’s a fan of your fan page sees that article I’m not saying you shouldn’t boost post but instead you shouldn’t buy fans because if you do like me you’re going to waste a lot of your money and you be much going to flush it down the toilet so again use Facebook advertising to sell your products and services because it works amazingly well just don’t use your advertising dollars to send people to your fanpage to like it if you do that you’re just going to be throwing money down the drain

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